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SCP 2594: The Polymorphic Pokeball by V8Arwing67 SCP 2594: The Polymorphic Pokeball by V8Arwing67
Just something I whipped up in Gmod, and even came up with a fake entry for this: 

An description of this SCP: 

"This SCP takes on the form of an otherwise ordinary model of a "[EXPUNGED]" from the computer game "[EXPUNGED]", according to some agents familar with popular culture. It has been rigorously tested (once as a "prank" from a few B-Class personelle), the test subjects kept their mind, but repeated use will take a toll on the subjects body due to the biological processes used for the transformation. Also, the form one takes is either a form of "[DELETED]" that the subject was last thinking of, or if the subject is empty of related thoughts, the artifact chooses a form to best fit the subject's physicality. Otherwise, the form one takes only lasts 3 hours (this seems conistent with the dozens of D-Class test subjects, and one Agent), and it also seems while the transformation seems strenuous on the body, most tests showed little to no pain for the subject. Henceforth, until the artifact causes harm to the Foundation, it will be deemed safe, though any negative incident will definitely bring it into the realm of Elucid. 

Any further info will be added as it is gathered."
monstermaster13 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Love this.
Evilluigi9001 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Student Artist
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