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Here is where my newest stuff pops up. :D



STORM (2012 Redraw) by DanSyron

Alright, this is my first critique in a while, so if I miss a few points, go easy on me! ^^; First off, this is an astounding piece, Dan!...

.:Calm Evil:. by Rorita-Sakura

Wow, this is an amazing piece! Everything in this piece meshes together well; The dark, grey cave bathed in the glow of purple crystals...

When evening falls by PawelMatys

This photograph is a great example of colors that work well together. The orange glow of the sunset perfectly complements the dark, sha...

Charizard's Solar beam :D by betolycan

I have seen many Pokemon pictures depicting a battle they had in-game, and this is one of the best I have seen. The viewpoint is neat, ...

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Introducing v8 the Jolteon! by V8Arwing67
Introducing v8 the Jolteon!
Well, here is another playemodel I customized with the PAC3 addon in GMod. Introducing my first Eevee-sona, V8 the Jolteon! 

I went with the Jolteon since I have LOVED the crap outta these guys since Pokemon Red/Blue (an electric pokemon that isn't Pikachu AND it has high speed stats? YES PLEASE), so i guss you could say it was a no-brainer. 

And yes, my Jolteon-sona has a cellphone. Once a tech nerd, always a tech nerd, that what I say. ^^ 
V8 TEH SNOIPER #2 by V8Arwing67
As promised, here is the second screen! I know the legs look odd, but the models were putting up a fight, and had to make it look like my dude's more of a Were-Lucario or punk Lucario, with the torn pants and all. 
V8 TEH SNOIPER by V8Arwing67

Yeah, just a quick test in making GMod scenes. I somehow managed to get two Lucario models to mesh togethe with a TF2 sniper ragdoll( the sniper is so tall, I ahd to use two slightly shrunk Lucario ragdolls to make it work!), all with no collision activated. 

I've got another screenshot to post, and will do so in a minute. 
V8 the Lucario Avy! by V8Arwing67
V8 the Lucario Avy!
As the title says. It seems that over time, I used to use the Geth playermodel in Gmod a bunch, but gradually started using this Lucario model. So, for now, I'm apparently a Lucario in Gmod (who doesn't take kindly to cameras in his face!). XD 

I'm using this as my Steam avatar, so i'll probably use it here as well. 
The Techie Dragon Curse! by V8Arwing67
The Techie Dragon Curse!
Another lineart that I colored! This time, since the orignal lineart was just an anthro dragon I added a phone and such to make this into a guy who suddenly becomes cursed into a dragonic form by a bad incedent involving those stupid cursed chain e-mails. XD 

Original lineart by :earthsong9405:, and can be found here: <da:thumb id="193802022">
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Happy 2015, everyone! ^^ 

I've been rather inactive here as  of late, but I hope to get on here more this year than I have previously, since I feel like I've been slacking off too much lately. 

So, expect some more art from me, just not in cascades. ^^ 

One more thing: JOURNAL MEME TIME! ^^ 

Tagged by :iconthemidnightstranger:

Comment and I will:

1. Tell you why I befriended you.

2. Tell you my favorite thing about you.

3. Associate you with something random: a song, a color, a photo, etc.

4. Tell you a memory of you that I try to remember. 

5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you. 

6. Tell you what I'd do if we were in the same room right now. 

7. If you and I were handcuffed together in a cop car. Using only 3 words, what I would say to you. 

8. In return, you have to post this in your journal

Here's what she had to say about me: 

1. You and I like werewolves

2. You watch big bang theory

3. Charizard

4. Idk, we haven't talked in a long time..

5. You play gmod, right?:3

6. Give you a hug

7. What you do?

8. Do it!!

Alrighty, let the chaos BEGIN! :D


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I hvae been always requesting stuff from various people, and I feel that it's time to give back. I am looking to pool up some points so I can get some point or paid commissions from some awesome artists, and I hope you guys can donate.

If you donate any amount of points, I'll fave anything in your gallery, let it be art or literature.

If you donate 10 to 50 points, I'll give you a watch, fave, llama, and a few comments on your work!

If you donate 100 or more, I'll include you in a list of requests I might do in the future, plus all of the stuff in the previous levels.

Well, I hope you guys donate, and if you don't, thats fine, I can understand.

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